SCT Quartz Dielectric Diagonal 2″ by High Point

Limited Time Price!
This diagonal accepts 1.25″ and 2″ eyepieces as it comes standard with a 1.25″ – 2″ eyepiece adapter.
Features a non-marring compression ring on the diagonal body and the 1.25″ to 2″ adapter.
Weighs 1lb. without 1.25″ – 2″ adapter and 1.3lbs. with the 1.25″ – 2″ AdapterThis SCT Quartz Dielectric Diagonal is a beautifully crafted, CNC Machined Diagonal that looks great in any telescope. Optically, this diagonal is highlighted by a 1/12 wave mirror with enhanced dielectric coatings that deliver 99% reflectivity across the visible wave spectrum. The Quartz Mirror nearly eliminates focus position changes resulting from thermal instability; which is one less thing you will have to concern yourself with when using your gear out in the field. This Quartz Dielectric Diagonal is a gem for under $140 and it’s performance capabilities rival that of diagonals costing almost two times as much.